BRIDGING CULTURES RELOCATION, an independent, individually-owned
company, based in Zürich Switzerland, offers a complete range of personal, tailor-made, professionally executed relocation plans to both corporate clients and private individuals throughout Switzerland and world-wide through our international network partners.

Looking towards the town of Zurich across the Lake

We provide internationally mobile families, couples and singles with the
information, resources and support they need to ensure a successful transition to life in Switzerland. By facilitating the adjustment to daily life in their new country, we encourage transferees to actively explore the varied and enriching opportunities international living offers. All our relocation services packages are customized to meet our clients' personal needs, providing a fast, efficient and effective service with minimum disruption yet maximum ease.

We offer all aspects of relocation support throughout all phases and at any time during your international assignment.

Our Programs and Services include:

· Pre-Move Orientation
· Home Finding
· Settling In Services
· Ongoing Destination Support
· Document Assistance
· Departure Services
· Language Training
· Cross Cultural Training
· Welcome to Switzerland Seminars
· Bridging Cultures Open Program

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